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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Advanced Windows Media Player -- Plays media files such as mp3,mpg,avi,etc. Round form,drg/drop,obj classes,play list load/save,directory/file load. Code assembled from other VB projects. Many thanks for all the authors. Abadani 11/13/2002 Music/Sounds 9533
Media player that supports MP3, DAT, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WAV, MID, MIDI, WMA, CDA etc. CS Player has playlist with short title song and duration information (like Winamp). CS Player has also tag editor (to update tag info from mp3 file ) and search option (to search a song from playlist). Catz Szaifullach 8/23/2002 Music/Sounds 12263
This is a simple Mp3 Player using the media player control. Examples of how to save and load playlist. Uses timer control to let player play next track. Every line of code is commented for you begginers Gary Seume 8/21/2002 Music/Sounds 8072
This program shows how to play music files(wav, midi, mp3, etc) using the VB Multimedia Player (no API). Dionysis 8/15/2002 Music/Sounds 9477
This program will activate an alarm clock that will start when windows starts if you specify it to. The alarm will go off at the pre-determined time set by the user. This program will play any media file that windows media player will accept, but please do not use video because I made the box inv... Matt Rice 8/14/2002 Music/Sounds 7098
W+Bar updated. New features include Fully Skinable Interface, and new First Timer User Help. This program will rid your need for winamp. Uses win2k/xp transperency + Regioned Forms. Will let user use winamp commands such as play,pause,next,prev,stop,open. VNWaCK0# 8/6/2002 Music/Sounds 6151
ActiveX CD Player Control With Sample Program Neptune Century Inc. 7/25/2002 Music/Sounds 5243
This Code plays alomst all mediaformats that is supported by your windows version. Ralph 6/15/2002 Music/Sounds 8636

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