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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Talking Splash Screen !!!! Vikram Pendse. 11/9/2000 Music/Sounds 18327
Nice Alarm Clock !!!!! Vikram Pendse 11/7/2000 Music/Sounds 11915
Simple Program uses frequncy equation and windows95 dll to output piano sounds to speaker port. Les Bryan 10/14/2000 Music/Sounds 7234
This ActiveX Control will play all kinds of MPEG-Layer3(MP3) files with ease of use. The ActiveX Control have 2 functionality; one is CD Audio Control and the other is MP3 Control/Player. The OCX is for freely use and should not be distribute or miss used consider as a violation of copyright and in... Trong Nguyen 9/24/2000 Music/Sounds 8231
This is a WORKING volume meter ready to add to your program. Paste the code, make a "Vscroller" and GO! Randy Hanouwer 9/24/2000 Music/Sounds 10883
This is a FULL MP3 Player. It includes alot of cool stuff not found on most other VB MP3 players. The playlist in this is by far the best I have ever made. Or yet to see. In order to open this project you might need the vbwscroller.ocx which you can download at sabotage 9/18/2000 Music/Sounds 11507
WAVE-File Analyzer - Takes an input WAVE-File and tells you the Bitrate, the Samplerate and if it is Stereo or Mono. Great for testing if a WAVE-File can be burned to an Audio-CD. Thomas Sturm 8/29/2000 Music/Sounds 7824
This is a Mp3 Player that was written in Vb and uses the Xaudio DLL Matt Karel 8/23/2000 Music/Sounds 8381

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