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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
How to make a application a shareware demo. venky_dude 1/4/2001 Registry 12578
Put your program in the registry to startup when windows starts! This is actually a modulized (and debugged), VB5 version of either S Rajkumar's or Craig Rees' code (I can't remember who I got it off). Just call either of the two main procedures (MakeStartUp/DeleteFromStartUp) including a full path... DiskJunky 12/18/2000 Registry 11852
This code lets you register COM Dlls and ActiveX more quickly. Drag & drop files and your components are registered. Manouvrier gilles 11/17/2000 Registry 7590
Do the passwords math to save? VisualBlind 9/29/2000 Registry 11121
Add / remove / edit keys . It is simple code , comprehansive and benificial. LaViruLar 9/23/2000 Registry 9123
Starting up an application without using the startup methode.I.e : Writting in to the registery. WindMill Software 9/17/2000 Registry 9978
Prompt to enter a new Windows user name and then change it in the registry. Nathan 8/25/2000 Registry 9882
REGISTERER-The best for registering .dll and .ocx- some source including too. From the Megalo Vbtools collection. Very soon all the collection will be available here. Megalos 7/1/2000 Registry 8877

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