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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Reads and Writes to the registry without using any API, DLL, OCX!!! Nichols Software 6/13/2000 Registry 15174
Application for accessing the windows startup commands from the registry easily. The program allows easy manipulation of the commands, enabling the user to perform functions like, delete, copy, move, edit, create for any startup commands. Very handy for people who hate browsing the windows registry... Craig Rees 6/2/2000 Registry 9315
This application allows you to select an EXE file and then add it to the windows registry to launch when Windows boots up. Also makes use of the following registry API calls: RegCloseKey, RegCreateKey, RegDeleteKey, RegDeleteValue, RegOpenKey, RegQueryValueEx, RegSetValueEx. S Rajkumar 5/11/2000 Registry 11491
Save and restore TrueDBGrid Column width settings Andrew Shelomanov 4/17/2000 Registry 12859
Registry Editor for creating/deleting keys, String, and DWord Ali Ezzahir 3/20/2000 Registry 10322
This program is a full application, free of restrictions, that allows you to enable certain hidden registry values, enabling secret, security-related functions that help you protect the vital areas of your Windows system. (Win95/98 compatible). UPDATED VERSION!!! JerBer Applications 3/4/2000 Registry 12468
Registry access library for Visual Basic. Very simple, it may not have all the quirks worked out yet. It works like the ReadProperty/WriteProperty function. It works well enough that I can persist properties to the registry. Nathan Moschkin 2/16/2000 Registry 8923
You can read the registry, Set the registry, and even delete files in registry in 1 very simple step... David Wilson 2/12/2000 Registry 16874

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