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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Opens a registry key and selects a value in RegEdit.exe (Windows Registry Editor), even if RegEdit is already running. Sudesh Katariya 2/21/2006 Registry 8440
This code allows you to create keys, delete keys and delete values from the registry INVICTUS 8/26/2005 Registry 15306
Create or Delete an autorun for your program in the registry with one line of code for each (using shell and command prompt)! Vincent Viau 7/18/2005 Registry 11807
My procedures to access the registry with simple WMI referencing. The project is made to enhance the VB registry functions SaveSetting, GetSetting and DeleteSetting while maintaining to a certain extent their simplicity in passing arguments. H W Samuel 6/2/2005 Registry 10683
Displays the IP of a computer. rose_script 4/5/2005 Registry 15121
Hides all the Desktop Items Arvind 2/6/2005 Registry 10654
Tweak desktop for faster display vangean 1/23/2005 Registry 8566
HotSpot is a skinable shortcut menu that hides in the upper left-hand corner of your desktop. It allows you to have up to 25 links to different files on your computer. It's faster then using the Start Menu, and is like having a hidden desktop menu to put all your shortcuts in. Clean up your d... Othere The 9/26/2004 Registry 7493

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