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Windows Tweak Manager is a simple program which enhances the security features in Windows 98. Application restrictions, Hiding drives, control panel, desktop, start menu items, etc... are only a few of them. Please notify me if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs in this software. Noushad P 6/9/2003 Registry 8129
Disables the program in CTRL-ALT-DEL list. Bird 6/5/2003 Registry 12456
This project includes a module with functions which simplify the managing of registry keys. Creating, Deleting, Querying, Enumerating etc etc.. Gregory Mazarakis 5/30/2003 Registry 10343
Save Program in Start up of your on choice. Sarmad 5/26/2003 Registry 10671
Connects the program to the Registry and is used within the program. thus flexible to input company information of your choice Michael Mwaura 4/29/2003 Registry 9327
Save program to start up. Drew McGuire 4/12/2003 Registry 11674
This program will disable or enable those annoying Balloon Tips in Windows XP! You know the ones that tell your innactive desktop icons have hidden, etc. Bryan_Blake 3/8/2003 Registry 6475
Basic knowledge of how Add Items to Right Click Menu in Windows (In Right click Menu for Folder).you can add a shortcut to your application to that menu (In Right click Menu for Folder). For example, I am using Notepad to call, now when you right click on folder(s) or Menu In Windows, your crea... Vivek Nigam 2/28/2003 Registry 7867

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