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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Comprehensive registry access code. Everything from associating file types, putting an app in startup to disabling NT menus, getting cpu usage and disk space. Includes all registry api declarations for expansion with any code you wish to add yourself. DiskJunky 1/17/2003 Registry 19117
Changing security permissions of the registry folders. This is a working version of the original code( It now works under NT/2000/XP. Viswanath Munnangi and Xing Liu 12/20/2002 Registry 7652
vb_recentfiles.vbp: ->"modRegistry.bas" includes many registry functions (add, remove, edit, enum keys/values) ->"frmMain.frm" shows, how to use these functions (example: edit vb´s recent files) _void 11/22/2002 Registry 6887
This very simple, yet useful code is a password program, using the registry to keep the password. So everytime you open the program, it will read the password from the registry, and see if the password you enterd is currect. Evil X Genie 11/11/2002 Registry 10358
Simple way to store the password to Registry Harjith 10/19/2002 Registry 11089
Read registry entries with ease. One of the easiest ways i have seen to read from the registry, without the use of a module. Just by simply calling on the and allowing your computer to do the work so you dont have to!! NOTE: Place the following code in your Form Load and add a Text... SwordFish 10/18/2002 Registry 8922
Read, Write and Delete any value in the Windows(R) Registry with one line of code. Austin Ideas 10/18/2002 Registry 10879
Functions to read/write/delete a registry key (Very small code + No API's!) VB_Fanatic 9/23/2002 Registry 12460

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