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Task Author/Credits Date Submitted Category # Times Viewed
Make Useful changes in Registry-II (revision) Cafer Demiraslan (Turquie/Turkey) 9/9/2002 Registry 16724
Make Useful changes in Registry Cafer Demiraslan (Turkey/Turquie) 8/27/2002 Registry 10153
Basic knowledge of how data store in the registry and how can it Read,write and Delete data to the registry. Vivek Nigam 8/16/2002 Registry 8012
With this code, you can disable/enable access to Display control panel. After disabling it, when someone right-clicks on the desktop and chooses Properties or goes to Control Panel and chooses Display, it will show a messagebox "Your system administrator disabled the Display control panel." Very ha... Muhammad Sufyan 8/7/2002 Registry 7936
Disable/Enable the Display control panel so when you right-click on the desktop and choose Properties or when you go to control panel and choose Display, it will restrict showing the display dialog so you cant make changes to the system current settings. Muhammad Sufyan 8/7/2002 Registry 6668
Signs you in as a password program Alex Poltavskiy 7/3/2002 Registry 9096
Form displays registry search results in a listview for editing, deleting, and saving. Save and delete multiple registry entries. Based on search class by Arkadiy Olovyannikov. Works best in Windows 2000. James McCord Credits:Arkadiy Olovyannikov 6/9/2002 Registry 7115
This code retrieves all special folders like desktop, windows,inf,media,program files,.... Lajili Houssem 5/11/2002 Registry 9179

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